Seedy Glass

Seedy Art Glass and What It Looks Like

Seedy glass has small bubbles throughout and a wavy pattern to the glass. These designs are random, and this sample picture only shows one piece; your glass will not be identical to the picture. However, its characteristics and pattern will be similar. Additionally, due to the techniques used in manufacturing art glass there may be small defects in the glass, which is normal across the art glass industry.

Seedy Glass, sometimes referred to as bubble glass, has been a staple of the kitchen cabinet glass industry and the decorative glass world. There are many variations from Spectrum Seedy, Oceanside Seedy, Antique Seedy and Antiquity Glass, but they are similar focusing on the seeded look of clear glass. Seeded Glass will never go out of style and has held up to the test of time.

It will always be a beautiful way to add some character to your kitchen in a fun and classy way.