Water Art Glass

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Water Glass

Clear Water Art Glass is one of our top selling art glasses. Looking for another type of art glass? We have seedy, too!

We source it from the premiere manufacturer of water glass—Spectrum. Using Spectrum art glass ensures that we provide the highest quality Water Glass to our customers. Quick Ship Glass uses manufactures that Middlefield Glass Inc. has worked with for many years. We have built trusted relationships with the top manufactures in the glass industry and our Water Glass is no exception.

Clear Water is a textured glass that is translucent glass with a low level of obscurity. Our Clear Water sheet size is 24” x 72” (width by height). The water pattern runs with the height vertically. Like all our art glass the pattern is random every piece is unique. The sample shown on our website will not have the exact pattern of the glass you order. Another important factor is the lighting, which can change how the art glass is perceived. However, you are welcome to order one of our samples to see how the glass looks in person and in your lighting. Our water glass features elongated vertical waves, which vary in length, to resemble water.

This design is part of our art glass offerings, having one smoother side and another side that is textured. This textured side reflects light in a gorgeous way and simmers.  Clear glass has a simple reflection, but the light bounces off water glass in a way that draws the eye and interest of others. Spectrum Water Glass is ideal if you want the contents of your cabinets distorted. It is hard to make out objects behind the art glass due to the waviness of our Water Glass. However, the colors will be visible through the Clear Water Glass.

Goes with Everything – Super Popular!

This is a popular obscure look that many modern kitchens go with. Our art glass has been featured in numerous homes that only designers could have dreamed up. Homeowners like the natural waves and subtly of our water glass to accent their kitchen. Water Glass is certainly not just for new kitchen remodels, but for all kitchens.

Our customers have had great success in adding a new flare to their existing kitchen by updating their old glass or adding new glass. It is a simple replacement if you have new glass, but it is also possible to route our existing doors for new glass. Many homeowners repaint their cabinets, but still find that their kitchen is missing something to make it special. Why not go with a sure-fire way to spruce up your kitchen and make it special. In changing something as simple as the glass it makes your kitchen feel custom and special to you. Our customers spend a lot of time in the kitchen so we hope that we can make it as beautiful as possible.

Beautify Your Kitchen Easily

We believe our beautiful art glass is key to making a one-of-a-kind kitchen. Art Glass often goes by many different names, but we try to use the manufactures, Water Glass is often known as Wavy or Obscure Glass too. Using the manufactures name on Quick Ship Glass makes it easier on us and you. Customers come to us all the time wanting to match existing glass or even glass that they saw in a catalog. Since we use some of the most well-known manufactures it makes it easy for us to match the glass you need. Our Water Glass has been perfected over the years!

Precisely Cut and Perfectly Suited for All

We cut all of our water glass precisely to your specifications. All our glass allows for a tolerance of a half of the thickness of the glass, which is the industry standard. With our precision CNC cutter, we can produce art glass efficiently and exactly to the specifications of each user. Our high-tech facilities allow for the maximization of every sheet of glass, bringing our costs down and in turn yours.

Here at Quick Ship Glass we automate as much as possible so we can bring the product to your doorstep as quickly as possible. It is not all about delivering a product as quickly as possible, but delivering an amazing product, which our Water Glass is. So many customers have been blown away with their glass, stating that it looked so much better in person than on the computer screen.

Samples Are Available!

We wish all inquiring shoppers would be able to have the experience of seeing our beautiful Water Glass in person, so we made samples available for purchase. Samples help you to see our art glass in person and with different lighting settings. This can oftentimes showcase the wonderful reflection of many of our textured glasses. We cannot tell you the number of times our customers have described glass to us that we have no idea what type of glass it is because glass is inherently hard to describe.

However, we hope that through Quick Ship Glass’s galleries you can get an accurate representation of our art glass and how it will look in your home. Just know it will always look that bit more mesmerizing in person when the light reflects off your unique Water Glass piece. We have all been in awe from the reflection of the water as the sunsets over the horizon. We cannot promise that it will be as beautiful as your memory, but our Water Glass is beautiful when light reflects off its surface.