German Antique Glass

The Look and Feel of “New” Antique Glass

Antique art glass resembles an old fashion look of mouth blown antique glass. However, in many ways it is better due to its uniform thickness and better flatness. This is because it is made with a machine for superior qualities and a lower price.

Due to improved flatness over mouth blown antique, it is better for furniture such as cabinets and doors. The opacity level of Antique Glass is transparent, and you can see objects through the glass. There are clear textured lines that go through the glass, as pictured. These lines give it a specific look that is unique to each sheet of art glass. They are also called striations and is what German Antique glass is known for. No two sheets of art glass will ever be the exact same due to the artistry that goes into every sheet of art glass.

We think this adds to the beauty of the glass, knowing that your custom cut piece of art glass is truly one-of-a-kind. We are in the glass industry because of the beauty of the right piece of glass can add to a room. With Clear GNA it can be a subtle feature for the uppers of your cabinets, or it can be bold like Beveled Leaded Glass Windows. Some people say there is a beauty in simplicity, and we think that sums up our Antique Glass perfectly.