French Antique Mirror

$28-$38 per Square Foot

Pricing is quantity and yield based

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  • Width (Inches) *

    Max: 48

  • Width (Inches) *

    Max: 48

  • Length (Inches) *

    Max: 84

  • Length (Inches) *

    Max: 96

  • Safety Backer *

  • Edgework *

  • Bevel Size *

  • Arch, pattern, holes, outlets, and special instructions. Please Describe: *

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French antique vintage mirrors can bring a room a whole room to life with its unique design that is sure to stand out in a home or business. Omega Antique Mirror is hard to come by without jumping through hoops and buying big sheets, but here at Quick Ship Glass it is a breeze buying the best mirror in the industry. Looking for other antique mirror offerings? Check out our products page.

Omega manufactures in America right in their Louisville, KY facility. Omega National Products has been perfecting Antique Mirror for over 70 years. With their Antique Mirror and our amazing distribution, we are the perfect pair to deliver an amazing product to you.

Looking For That Old-Fashioned Antique Style?

Our customers rave about the vintage look of mirrors they saw or have, wishing there were a way to replicate them. Other customers just want to showcase a part of their home from an entry way to a back splash without using plain mirror. Omega Antique Mirror is a great solution and there are different options to choose from that provide vastly different looks for your home. We love our Antique French Mirror and so do our customers; it is one of our top selling mirrors.

Our Antique Mirror is safety backed with an ANSI backing. ANSI backing ensures safety when small breakages occur.  Authentic vintage mirror often has no backing, making it unsafe in some situations. These Mercury Mirror Restorations allow you to have an amazing look without any of the sacrifices.

Since Omega uses New Mirror the reflective quality is perfect without any distortion besides the intended pattern that is created by a Silvering process. The mirrors have a beautiful restored look that is special to Omega National Products, so do not compromise on quality. Other manufactures from overseas lack the quality of Omega Mirrors that have made in America quality.

What Brings Beauty to French Antique Mirrors

French Antique Mirror has a smaller pattern that is spread through out the mirror in a random pattern. This means that not two pieces will be identical to each other. Unique designs like the pattern on our French Antique Mirror are always hard to describe. Because of this, we always recommend purchasing a sample. With a sample you can she our amazing Antique Mirrors and other products in person. This can help anyone make a decision.

This Mercury Mirror looks as though the design was sprayed on by a spray bottle. The pattern is made up of small blobs that vary in size. These blobs are not a uniform size or shape. These shapes eventually become the mottling of the mirror.

Then, the lighter transparent part of pattern spreads out from that point, creating a beautiful pattern. French Antique mirror is more subtle than our other Antique Mirrors, Summer Cloud and Hollywood, but it can still make a huge impression on the room. Many customers appreciate the subdued look and are drawn to it. This allows the Mercury Mirror to reflect much of the light distorted between the pattern.

Versatile and Beautiful

As always, our customers always come up with amazing and new ideas for using our products, so do not feel limited. French Antique Mirror can be used in so many applications just on walls from entry ways to tile. With our sheet size of 48” x 96” for 1/8” and 48” x 84” for 1/4” you can fill up a whole wall with our mirror.

However, if you want a different effect go for smaller pieces and use them like tile to make a feature. Have an area above your fireplace? Our French Antique Mirror makes a standout feature that gives an upscale look that draws peoples attention. More commercial applications like lobby mirrors and elevator ceiling mirrors allow your business to stand above the rest.

Finally, Antique Mirror can be the perfect compliment for vintage furniture. Turn your old wardrobe into a family heirloom with our amazing Antique Mirror. These are just a few of the endless possibilities for our product, and do not forget about our custom arches and patterns. Please do not hesitate to ask us about our French Antique Mirror or with any other questions you have.