Seedy Art Glass

$16-$22 per Square Foot

Pricing is quantity and yield based

  • Width (inches) *

    Min: 1Max: 30

  • Height (Inches) *

    Min: 1Max: 72

  • Thickness: 1/8 inch *

  • Laminated Safety Glass? *

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Our best seller for art glass is clear seedy due to its unique and beautiful design. Looking for a different type of art glass? Check out our water art glass.

Seedy Art Glass and What It Looks Like

Seedy glass has small bubbles throughout and a wavy pattern to the glass. These designs are random, and this sample picture only shows one piece; your glass will not be identical to the picture. However, its characteristics and pattern will be similar. Additionally, due to the techniques used in manufacturing art glass there may be small defects in the glass, which is normal across the art glass industry.

Seedy Glass, sometimes referred to as bubble glass, has been a staple of the kitchen cabinet glass industry and the decorative glass world. There are many variations from Spectrum Seedy, Oceanside Seedy, Antique Seedy and Antiquity Glass, but they are similar focusing on the seeded look of clear glass. Seeded Glass will never go out of style and has held up to the test of time.

It will always be a beautiful way to add some character to your kitchen in a fun and classy way.

The Extra Touch of Perfection in Any Kitchen

Go the extra mile for unique art glass to make your kitchen standout above the rest, showcasing not only your cabinets but plates, cake stands and anything else stored inside your cabinets. Clear Seedy allows you to view objects behind the glass. However, the view is distorted by the small waves in the glass. One side of the glass is smooth well the other can be textured from divots where the bubbles are at the surface of the glass. Our sheet size is 30” x 72” (width by height).

Our Seedy is available Laminated, Leaded, True Trim and Etched. This allows for a variety of options when it comes to our production of the glass, even though simple cut to size is our most popular there are endless options. We hope that our product line allows for the ability for you to create the Seedy Glass of your dreams. Middlefield Glass Inc. has specialized in customizable glass since 1978. Customizable Seedy Glass helps us to deliver the product you need at the high standards of quality we hold to.

Our Personal Favorite

Some of our favorite designs come from Seedy Glass due to its old-world look that matches perfectly with any kitchen. The waves and seeds (“bubbles”) in the glass are subtle so they do not overpower your kitchen or cabinets, but still noticeable enough that they draw the eyes and compliments of others. The seeds vary in size and the depth at which they are at within the glass. The variance of the seeds and waves in the glass provides a handmade authentic look.

Seedy glass is truly artisan glass that has been around for centuries. Adding bubbles to glass is a technique that was around in the nineteenth century. This technique uses a chemical process for randomness. Petrol or sodium bicarbonate are added to the glass for the bubbling effect. However, other art glass techniques for producing seeds in the glass includes using metal stakes that are heated to extreme temperatures and rolled over the glass.

What To Do with Seedy Art Glass

In Italy, the name for the random bubbles in glass is called “pulegoso”. Developed in the 1920s on the island of Murano by Napoleone Martinuzzi. He crafted unique vases with this technique. This technique was then later developed for flat sheet glass and various other techniques. This type of seeded glass has been used over the years in many unique ways from handcrafted bowls to kitchen cabinet glass.

Due to these techniques we can bring the best product to your doorstep in a matter of days. With Seedy Glass the waves with the reflect light in a mesmerizing way. The light that is reflected is not like typical glass but has more a shimmer. Due to the texture light catches the face of the glass and reflects in a unique pattern, in addition to the clear seeds reflecting light.

This allows for a unique combination of reflection off the glass and the obscured view of the objects behind the glass itself. Due to these characteristics is why Seedy Glass is so great in different applications. We have seen beautiful laminated doors, custom leaded glass windows, laser etched designs and simple cabinet glass. That is just a start with what you can do with our Seedy Glass, it always amazes us what wonderful applications using our Seeded Glass our customers come up with.