Antique Art Glass

$28-$38 per Square Foot

Pricing is quantity and yield based

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    Max: 48

  • Width (Inches) *

    Max: 48

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    Max: 84

  • Length (Inches) *

    Max: 96

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Antique Glass is one of our bestselling art glasses due to its timeless look. Looking for a different art glass? We have tons on our product page!

The Look and Feel of “New” Antique Glass

Antique art glass resembles an old fashion look of mouth blown antique glass. However, in many ways it is better due to its uniform thickness and better flatness. This is because it is made with a machine for superior qualities and a lower price.

Due to improved flatness over mouth blown antique, it is better for furniture such as cabinets and doors. The opacity level of Antique Glass is transparent, and you can see objects through the glass. There are clear textured lines that go through the glass, as pictured. These lines give it a specific look that is unique to each sheet of art glass. They are also called striations and is what German Antique glass is known for. No two sheets of art glass will ever be the exact same due to the artistry that goes into every sheet of art glass.

We think this adds to the beauty of the glass, knowing that your custom cut piece of art glass is truly one-of-a-kind. We are in the glass industry because of the beauty of the right piece of glass can add to a room. With Clear GNA it can be a subtle feature for the uppers of your cabinets, or it can be bold like Beveled Leaded Glass Windows. Some people say there is a beauty in simplicity, and we think that sums up our Antique Glass perfectly.

Versatile and Beautiful

Art Glass like Clear Antique is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes, due to their simplicity. It is a lot like how black and white designs will always be timeless. They are a good base for design and help to compliment all other colors, like German Antique Glass. However, they can still be used for standout features in your home. Clear Antique glass like all art glass has a few different industry names for different manufactures or resellers that use the same product or a few similar one.

Our Clear Antique or similar products are called restoration glass, old fashion glass, German New antique, German Antique, GNA, restoration glass, Clear GNA, mouth blown, Ravenna Glass or Spider Web Glass. From all the different names for Antique art glass you can tell it is an industry favorite.

We realize that there are lot of different names and it can be confusing, so we like to keep things simple by using the name provided to us from our manufacturers. Transparency is key when it comes to us interacting with out customers; we know that is what we would want when we are working with a company. However, not all transparency is good, which is why we offer translucent glass for all your needs.

Clear German Antique art glass also comes in a thicker 1/4” sheet size.

This glass comes with several options for the 1/4″ thickness version: Beveling, Standard, and Flat Polish.

How to Make Antique Art Glass – Modernly

Beveling is an age-old technique that must be done by hand if a piece of glass is curved. For straight edges is possible to use a machine to ensure that there is an even finish across the glass. Beveling looks great with Clear Glass. When it is in combination with our Antique Glass it looks even more extraordinary. There is a reason why it is called Restoration Glass by some for an authentic look. Our customers come to us with lots of projects looking for an antique look to match their century home or their custom craftsmanship.

We understand that our customers spend time making the perfect home using authentic materials and building methods. German Antique Glass is the best way to preserve an old-world look.  Sometimes clear glass stands out like a sore thumb in people’s home. It can be difficult to remain authentic to the style of the rest of the home. Our customers are always surprised by how much the right glass can transform the look of an entire room. However, sometimes a little touch is all a room needs. Antique art glass can do that too!

This allows for a unique look at different times of day as the lighting changes throughout the day.  Light shining through the glass emphasizes the striations in the glass when light bounces off it in different ways, causing the glass to have a dynamic look. Natural light helps to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship that went into our glass that is cut and shipped in the USA.